Sandy Campbell, Chief Ranger of Shoreline Management (US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District), sent out a “shotgun” letter on September 18th to Lake Hartwell property owners reminding them that the “ghost” dock deadline for installation is January 1, 2010. Here is an excerpt from that letter:


“This letter is a reminder of the upcoming deadline for dock installation on Lake Hartwell. If you have a permit that was issued over one year ago and have not installed your dock, this is a very important notice for you. The deadline for dock installation is January 1, 2010.


  Property owners who have not yet installed their “ghost” docks fall under this installation deadline. The term “ghost dock” refers to dock permits which were issued under previous Shoreline Management Plans (SMP’s) which did not require docks to be installed. The current 2007 Hartwell SMP, implemented on June 26, 2006, required docks to be installed within one year of issuance. Due to the recent drought this date was extended to January 1, 2010. Docks issued under the 2007 Hartwell SMP that are past their one year installation deadline are also held to the January 1, 2010 deadline. We continue to urge those who have adequate water depth to install their dock to avoid a back-log of dock installations at the end of the year. If your dock is currently in pace, please contact our office so we can update our files accordingly.”


The bottom line is … if you’ve got a dock permit and no dock installed, you’d better do something quick, or you may have to reapply under the current permit issuance criteria, which may cause you to lose your dock re-issuance ability, location and size of your dock. 


Fortunately with the recent rain we’ve experienced, many lake property owners that haven’t installed their docks due to low water levels, will now be able to have that done. For further information on the Shore Management Plan (SMP) contact the US Army Corps of Engineers at 1-888-893-0678.


Also, if interested, please feel free to email Jay Hufnagel at for a copy of the complete letter.


Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, , Lake Hartwell Property Owner, 770-757-2799.