I received an email from Jerilyn Wiech, a fellow REALTOR for Lake Hartwell. Here's an excerpt from that message.

Have you heard this information? The Draft Report is out and it is good news - flow reduction has been recommended by the states. Public comment period (with the Corps) has started. Please call or email Mr. William Bailey, US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile/Savannah Planning Center, at (912)652-5781 or william.g.bailey@usace.army.mil to support the proposed temporary reduction in flow to 3100 to help stabilize the reservoirs in the upper basin. 
Your voice counts! Please pass along to anyone who is concerned about Lake Hartwell's future. We need to make sure this reduction is implemented Nov. 1. Please forward this to anyone you believe has an interest in seeing Lake Hartwell recover from this drought.
This link will expire November 1, 2008 so please read it today.
 PS - If your in the area...LHA is having a meeting Thursday, Oct 23 at 7:00pm at the Anderson Civic Center. The Corps will be speaking.