What are your thoughts on a new 325-acre Resort on Lake Hartwell? According to Tim Smith in The Greenville News on December 12, 2007, there are plans for a large facility that would include a Golf Course, Lodge and Cabins, and a Restaurant just off Highway 85, and exit #1 in South Carolina. Currently the State is leasing this land from the Federal Government and hopes to extend it so it can start the development stage.
I would think that many locals around the lake would have different views on this project. Some would feel that the lake is busy enough without adding more traffic and congestion. But I think the majority of folks will look forward to having an upscale facility on the lake, with all of the amenities that it will bring.
I’m curious how you feel. Please comment below.
By Jay Hufnagel, 770-757-2799, just “Say Jay” for Real Estate