Lake Lanier is finally full as of October 14, 2009. That’s about 5 years since it was at the 1071 mark. Who would have thought we would be looking at a full lake after seeing it last year when people were referring to it as Lanier Pond. All it took was about a foot more then average rainfall for the year and close to 6” of rain in the last 15 days.




You can’t pick up a Newspaper around here today without reading the good news. Also, the web is buzzing about how people are amazed at the speed the lake came up and the new appearance. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle has written to the US Army Corps of Engineers asking them to increase the “Full” level so more water can be stored at times when we’re in a drought. Here’s hoping and praying that we can keep this precious commodity at the level it is today….for the good of everyone.


By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, , 770-757-2799.