The Savannah District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is seeking comments on an environmental assessment (EA) to reduce outflows from its three reservoir system (includes Lake Hartwell) on the upper Savannah River from January through mid-February during droughts. I strongly urge you to respond to this request before the deadline of noon January 3, 2011.  

 Here is the News Release and information on where to reply.

Jay Hufnagel wrote the following to the Corps on December 23, 2010: As a Lake Hartwell home owner, stakeholder and Lake Hartwell Real Estate Agent, I definitely support the reduction in flow from Lake Thurmond to 3600cfs from January 1 through the middle of February during drought situations. If you remember the early stages of the severe drought we had a couple of years ago, Lake Hartwell was down about the same level that we’re at today. Unfortunately the Spring rains didn’t come as everyone had hoped, and because of this the lake couldn’t recover and the level continued to spiral down. Reducing the Lake Thurmond outflows could have really helped. Please seriously consider this request.

Lisa Kishoni (Lake Hartwell Home Owner) wrote the following comment to the Corps: I am writing to support the temporary reduction in flow from Strom Thurmond Dam to 3600 cfs from Jan. 1 through Feb. 15 if the Corps reservoirs on the Savannah River are in drought level 1 or level 2.  I believe that this temporary reduction will not in any way adversely affect stakeholders below Strom Thurmond, and will ultimately help conserve resources that could be used later if drought levels worsen, to the benefit of the entire Savannah River Basin.  In our dryer future, we must act proactively when it comes to drought to conserve what we can, where we can.  

As you may know, the lake is currently down over 5 feet. This is our chance to let our voice be heard.