The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Lake Hartwell is continuing to receive comments on reducing flows from the Savannah River Basin Reservoirs. Here's a comment from a Lake Home Owner that was sent in recently: 

"As home owners on Lake Hartwell, we realize that the lake level here is the keystone to balancing the water levels within the basin. Since we are presently in a Stage 1 drought as evidenced by a reduction of the current lake level by over 5 feet, it is our opinion that to implement the proposed flow reduction strategy would be most prudent. Without this flow reduction, the Corp’s ability to sustain the river basin in the event of continued drought conditions will be adversely effected this Spring. Obviously the continued decline of water levels in Lake Hartwell and its adverse effect upon recreational activities this coming year is a concern to us. We understand that the Corp has a greater responsibility than providing home owners with the opportunity to use the lake for their pleasure. However if the flow reduction is not implemented now, the Corp will not be able to respond in the future if the drought should continue. Thank you for this opportunity to provide our “two cents”."

Have you sent in your comments? Please do!