What do Real Estate Agents do when they’re not showing property? Well as you can see, some of us take a Snow Day.
Might as well have some fun, don’t you think? Over the last few years, agents have been working 24/7 non-stop. But today, things have changed. Many agents are leaving the Real Estate field because of the housing industry slow down and challenges. Yesterday, at one of my closings, another agent told me that their office had lost over half of their agents over the last few months. I can understand that, but I think those that survive the current market will come out stronger. Since the first of the year, I’ve seen a positive trend of activity. Hopefully with interest rates coming down, lakes filling up with water, and more optimism with the economy, the housing market will improve.
In the meantime, maybe we should have a “Hug your Real Estate Agent” day”. Don’t you think?
By: Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, 770-757-2799