Last week I was invited to 4 days of extensive training on how to maximize the power of referral relationships. Beth Davis, CEO and Founder of Gold Star Referral Clubs, invited me into their International Headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma to learn more about how building long-lasting reciprocal relationships can benefit your customers and business partners. It’s said that people interact and influence over 200 people on a regular basis. As a REALTOR, referring clients and customers to credible business sources (people that you “Know, Like and Trust”) is crucial to the future of your business.  

Gold Star Club members meet weekly for 60 minutes, make a short (60 second) presentation on their business and what a good referral would be, and then pass actual REFERRALS to other members. The Gold Star website states, “A good referral is not a TIP. The difference between a “tip” and a “referral” is that the person giving the referral has spoken to the customer about you, and the customer is expecting your call.” Gold Star members pass REFERRALS.
I’m excited about starting clubs in North Georgia and South Carolina. As you can imagine, REALTORS get asked “who do you know” for all kinds of things … like lender information, insurance contacts, inspectors, pest control, cleaning services, Doctors, Veterinarians, legal services, and a host of other providers for services and products. Individual Gold Star clubs can only have one representative from each industry, so there’s no competition between members. At one 60 minute meeting Gold Star members can accomplish more productivity for their business and customers then in a full eight hour day.
It’s all about reciprocity and edification. I was so impressed with how each member did his or her best to help the other’s business. Before I left Tulsa, Beth made an interesting comment…”If you know of someone that needs a certain product or service, why not refer them to someone you Know, Like and Trust. I’m sure they’ll be glad you did.”
By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, just "Say Jay" 770-757-2799