Friends and relatives are asking, "How's the Real Estate business going"? It's as if they already know the answer. I really think they're hoping for some good news. Well, there is good news... at least for home buyers. Prices are finally at a point where many Real Estate authorities are saying that we're getting close to the bottom. Interest rates are still fantastic. Discount Buyers and Investors are scooping up Foreclosures at unbelievable bargains, and confidence in spending money on Real Estate appears to be improving. For example, year to date Waterfront Lake Homes on Lake Hartwell are already ahead of the total homes sold in 2009 (107 vs. 64). At this pace, that will mean twice as many homes will sell on Lake Hartwell this year then in 2009. That's impressive! I expect other lakes such as Lake Lanier and Lake Keowee will follow suit. The only challenge with these numbers (if you're the Seller), is the average price has decreased from $360,000 to about $322,000. Interesting to note, there are less "active" listing this year then last. My opinion is that many home owners aren't willing to play the "discount game".

If you're interested in how Home Sales are doing in your neck of the woods, please email me a note, and if I have access, I'll forward the latest sales figures from the MLS system in your area.