As you can see by the picture of my 80 year old mother, it’s time to catch some Crappie. This picture was taken by our dock on Lake Hartwell, but the Crappie are biting on Lake Lanier as well. Most of the Crappie we caught we’re hitting on minnows and yellow/green jigs with a minnow hooked by it’s lips (“as if minnows have lips”, but you know what I mean). We had dropped a couple of Christmas trees off our dock earlier in the year and now they’re producing slab size fish in about seven (7) foot of water.  
  My neighbor fishes on Lake Lanier and parts of the Chattahoochee River, and as you can see, he knows how to fish Crappie as well. What’s nice about fishing this time of the year for Crappie is that they are getting ready to spawn. They’re aggressive, and you can catch them in large numbers. And, they’re just starting. During the next two weeks the water will warm up to about 60 degrees and full moon is scheduled for March 21st. If you like to fish, don’t miss this exciting event.
Don’t forget to bring a net. Most of the Crappie we caught were slab size (1 to 2 lb). When they’re that big, you’ll have a hard time lifting them out of the water without tearing their lips and watching them swim away. Good Luck!
By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, just “Say Jay” for Real Estate.