I’ve been praying for rain and higher water levels. Maybe I should have been more specific. I should have added the location of where we needed the water.
Who would of thought that a little $3.00 pipe on the back of our upstairs toilet could cause the type of damage we experienced over the 4th of July weekend. What was planned to be a beautiful escape to our lake cabin turned out to be a nightmare when we got home.
My brother Andy and I stayed at the lake on Monday to golf at the Chickasaw Point Trails Golf Course. On the 5th hole, after hitting the best tee shot of my life, my cell phone rang. It was my wife Chris, out of breath, asking “how do you shut the water off”. She had just opened the door of our home back in Georgia and found that water and ceiling material was falling from everywhere. After a couple failed attempts to direct her to the water shut off, she called the fire department, and they eventually arrived and shut off the water and electricity.
Now, it’s a couple weeks later. We’ve had to move out of our home, most of the rooms in our house have been demolished, dryers are still running where tile had to be pulled up, and the prospects of moving back in is probably three months out.
Thank God for Orlando and Nelson Ojeda from Full Circle Restoration. They came in and provided a complete restoration plan that will have us back to normal (whatever that is) in a short amount of time. 
So why am I telling you all this? Many of my loyal blog readers have similar life styles that we do. You work all week and then escape to your lake, mountain home or maybe the relatives. Here’s a suggestion that could save you thousands …… “turn off the water before you leave”. After talking to people that have experienced similar catastrophes, it’s surprising how many homeowners turn off their water (at the street) before they leave for extended periods of time. I wish we would have, and you can bet “we will in the future”.