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by Jay Hufnagel

It has been brought to my attention that there are parties that do not want the Sanctuary Pointe Resort Development to be built and have written letters to that effect to the Budget and Control Board.

Please consider sending a note signifying your local support for the project to the developer at;

Here are a couple of articles if you’re not familiar with this development:

Also, here is a copy of the message I sent today:

As a Lake Hartwell home owner and Real Estate Agent in SC and GA, I would like to express my strong support for the Sanctuary Pointe Development. I understand that there are some people that are challenging this endeavor. In my opinion, it would be a big mistake by not going ahead with this development. Having this Resort and everything that will be part of it, will only help stimulate the Lake Hartwell economy, communities and all of the businesses surrounding it.


Best regards,




by Jay Hufnagel

Here's an interesting email message that I received from the Save our Lakes Now Organization. I especially found it interesting that it'll take 9 inches of rain in one month to saturate the ground enough so that the Savannah River Basin (Lake Hartwell, Lake Thurmond, and Lake Russell) can benefit from the run off in a rain. If you're a Lake Hartwell Real Estate stakeholder or home owner, the message below may provide some explanations on:

                                    WHERE DID THE RAIN GO?

 I know every lake stakeholder is wondering where the heck all that rain went.  For a while I was about to agree with the conspiracy theorists who are convinced the Corps is not telling us the truth about releases and lake levels, etc. Some even suggested there must be a hidden pipeline running to Atlanta and they are stealing all our water.  Turns out none of this is true.  The numbers the Corps is showing and the explanations they are giving for why we didn't get a huge jump in lake level with the recent rains appear to be correct.

I've looked at this in a lot of detail since it rained and I have to say it looks like the water runoff got consumed by the dry ground and vegetation before making it to the basin.  Release rates were held at 3800 cfs and all stream indicators downstream (especially the levels at Clyo which is the last point in the system where stream measurements are taken before the harbor) show no unusual flow that would indicate higher release rates than the Corps shows.  We've been talking to climatologists to see if they agree with what the Corps is claiming about dry ground and vegetation and they do. And no matter how hard I look I can't find any evidence of a hidden water line to Atlanta.

Climatologists that study rainfall and drought levels for the Savannah River Basin  claim it will take more than 9 inches of rain in one month to get the soil etc back to normal so that we get run off in a rain.  We desperately need a tropical system to park right over the basin and give us this kind of rain.

Meanwhile we continue to work on getting the drought control plan for the Savannah River System corrected so that future events won't be this devastating.  Following our recommended drought control plan our lakes would have several more feet of water in them than they do now.  Repeating what we've preached all along, we need a much more agressive approach to drought response than currently exists.  Our recommended approach remains unchanged;

~ We propose that release rates from Thurmond be reduced to 3600cfs (3100 in colder months) anytime Thurmond drops below 328ft.  The proposed plan by the Corps is to lower releases anytime the Broad River flows indicate we are in a drought. While this is a significant improvement it is not as aggressive as our proposal because they wait longer to initiate flow reductions and their proposed reductions are 3800cfs instead of 3600.
~ Continue 3600cfs until the lakes refill.  The current plan by the Corps is to increase flows as the lake recovers making it more difficult to refill the lakes
~ Modify the rule curve so that we only drop the lakes 2' rather than 4' following the summer. The current Corps plan is to stay with a 4' drop at the end of summer.

The reasoning the Corps is offering for not adopting our more aggressive approach is they want to wait until a 2 or so year study can be completed.  Our reasoning is we did these changes for over 12 consecutive months in 2008-9 with no problems.  We are saying go with what we learned in 2008 unless or until some unexpected problem occurs.

It is frustrating to keep repeating our proposals.  It would be much easier to simply go along with the Corps' proposals.  But this repetition is necessary because the Corps, over time, continues to get further away from what we are recommending.  This is probably a matter of the Corps compromising with the various environmental agencies.  Unfortunately such compromising costs us many feet of lake level during droughts.  At one time they were agreeing with a 2' drop in the winter rather than a 4'drop.  And at one time they agreed to go to 3600cfs rather than 3800.  And at one time they agreed to hold the lower release rates until the lakes refill.  Now all that has changed.  The compromise to stay with a 4' drop in the winter costs us 2' at the start of a drought.  The compromise of 3800 instead of 3600 cfs costs us 2' a year in lake level. And the compromise on how the lakes are refilled will stretch out our misery unnecessarily following a drought.   


by Jay Hufnagel

Save our Lakes Now (an Organization dedicated to preserving Lake Hartwell and it's water level) recently sent out the following email asking for help. If you own Lake Hartwell Real Estate or enjoy it on occasions, I think you'll agree it makes sense.

Save Our Lakes Now Position on New Drought EA

The Corps of Engineers has issued an EA for comment concerning the drought control plan for Lakes Thurmond and Hartwell. The new proposal represents a definite improvement over the past drought plan but falls well short of the drought plan proposed by Save Our Lakes Now and other lake groups over a year ago. Comments are requested prior to May 12th and we recommend all stakeholders around the lakes send in their personal comments. The way the Corps' proposal compares to the one proposed by Save Our Lakes Now and other lake groups over a year ago is summarized below.

Save Our Lakes Now proposed that release rates from Lake Thurmond be reduced to 3600cfs whenever the lake levels drop 2ft below full pool. The basis for the 3600cfs figure is two fold. First it matches the annual rate of rainfall during the droughts of record which means the lakes would be able to withstand the drought of record regardless of how long it may go on. Second it matches the release rates demonstrated to be acceptable to all stakeholders downstream of Thurmond Dam during the drought of 2008.

The New Corps proposal waits until the lakes are down 4ft before starting reduced flows the same as in the past. The Corps proposal then decreases release rates 200cfs (compared to the current drought plan) at each trigger level. The different trigger levels are 4' below full pool, 6' below full pool and 14' below full pool. These rates, while a step in the right direction, only increase the resulting lake level 2ft in a year above the current drought plan (each 100 cfs in release rate represents 1ft of lake level in a year). For example we would have ended up in 2008 at 316' instead of 314'. While this is a definite improvement it is not nearly as good as holding the total drop to 8' the way our proposal does and it leaves us open to the possibility of totally destroying the lakes if the drought goes on longer than in 2008.

Additionally the EA proposes further reductions November through January of 200 cfs at trigger level 2 and 500 cfs at trigger level 3. The proposals from lake groups included a 500cfs drop below the 3600cfs release rate during winter months. So again while the Corps proposal is in the right direction it is not as good as what was proposed by the lake groups over a year ago.

One additonal proposal Save Our Lakes Now recommends for drought control is to completely stop releases from Thurmond dam anytime the river below the dams is swollen from rains during a drought.

The actual Corps publication on the proposed EA is at .
Comments can be submitted via e-mail to:

The official comments from Save Our Lakes Now will be as follows:
We have reviewed the proposals in the draft EA on the Savannah River Basin Drought Plan and we see it as a definite improvement over the current drought plan. However we feel a more agressive approach should be used to maintain lake levels. We continue to recommend that the release rates from Thurmond Dam be reduced to 3600cfs whenever Lake Thurmond is below 328' until the lake refills. And we further recommend releases be reduced to 3100cfs during winter months anytime Lake Thurmond is below 328'. Furthermore we recommend releases from Thurmond Dam be completely stopped during a drought anytime the river is swollen from rains so as to maximize the rate the lakes regain normal levels. 



by Jay Hufnagel

Lake Hartwell Real Estate Results Continue to Improve for 2011

Yesterday, at a Listing appointment, I was asked – “When do you think Lake Hartwell Real Estate will level off and start to improve”. As you can imagine, that’s not the first time I’ve been asked that question. Actually, current statistics point to the fact that we’re there or getting very close. Based on 2011 and current numbers, I predict 2012 will continue to stabilize, more lake homes will be sold, and confidence in buying second homes will improve. Here’s why I feel that way: 2011 Lake Hartwell Waterfront Home Sales improved 22.8% over 2010 sales, the average Sales price was almost the same as 2010 (decreasing less than 1%), and average Days on the Market increased by only 8 days (4.4%). 2012 will still bring great deals, and buyers that take advantage of low interest rates, nice inventory of homes, and a better economy, will see their goals of owning their dream lake home come true.

Here are statistics for the 2011 “waterfront” Real Estate activity on Lake Hartwell. This list does not include condos and townhomes (source: SC Western Upstate MLS and does not include FSBO and non Upstate MLS listings):




Homes Sold –                                                             141                                                               

            Average Days on the Market –                       190                

            Average List Price -                                   $355,490            

            Average Sale Price -                                    322,900            

            Sale vs. List Price –                                         90.9%             

                        Note: List Price is the last price reflected in the MLS listing

                                  and may not be the Original List price. Also, some properties

                                  may have been listed multiple times.   

            Current Active Listings -                                 304                

            Current Homes Pending (under contract) -       19


If you’d like to receive an actual list of Lake Hartwell Real Estate (Waterfront Homes sold in 2011), please click on the link below or email Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, at

Click Here to View Listings


The time to buy lake property is now ….”they’re not making any more of it”.   


By: Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, 770-757-2799, just “Say Jay” for Real Estate


by Jay Hufnagel

Lake Hartwell Home Sales improved 78% over 2009. That’s a strong indicator that we’re moving in the right direction. In my opinion, this increase can be attributed to the Lake being close to full pool and more Buyer confidence in the market. Average Sale prices have decreased by approximately 10% with most buyers still looking in the $200,000 to $350,000 range. As you review the actual sold listings, you’ll see that many of these were tremendous deals, and they include Bank Owned Lake Hartwell Foreclosures and other Distressed Properties.

Here are statistics for the 2010 “waterfront” Real Estate activity on Lake Hartwell. This list does not include condos and townhomes (source: SC Western Upstate MLS and does not include FSBO and non Upstate MLS listings):


 Homes Sold –             114                                                                    

            Average Days on the Market –                       181                 

            Average List Price -                                   $356,922             

            Average Sale Price -                                   325,395             

            Sale vs. List Price –                                     91.2%             

Note: List Price is the last price reflected in the MLS listing and may not be the Original List price. Also, some properties may have been listed multiple times.   

            Current Active Listings -                                 342                

            Current Homes Pending (under contract) -          19


If you’d like to receive an actual list of Lake Hartwell Real Estate (Waterfront Homes sold in 2010), please click on the link below or email Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, at

Click here for Homes Sold and Under Contract

 The time to buy lake property is now ….”they’re not making any more of it”.   


By: Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, 770-757-2799, just “Say Jay” for Real Estate


by Jay Hufnagel

What do Real Estate Agents do on their "snow day"? Well, besides catching up on all kinds of administrative duties, it's a great day to be a kid again.


I hope you're enjoying this interesting weather that we're having here in the southeast. It's wild to think that this week we have 6 inches of snow and nights in the teens. In about 5 weeks the daffodils will be blooming. The record high temperature for today was 79 degrees. The record low temperature was -5 degrees. Ya gotta love the South!

So, enjoy the change. Make a snowman. Slide down a hill. These are the kind of days that will bring sweet memories to you, your children and grandkids.



Happy New Year!


by Jay Hufnagel

Can you Find Good Lake Hartwell Real Estate for under $200,000?

Yes you can! I’ve been asked in the past to find Waterfront Homes that have the following criteria for $200k or less: Big Water Views, at least 3 Bedrooms, Level walk to water, Close Corps line to Shore, Home located near Shoreline, Big Lot, Deep Water or ability to Chase it, and most of all – it must have a Large Single Slip Dock or the Ability to Upgrade to one.  Well, you can imagine what my thought was (in the words of my kids) – “Yeah right, No Way”. Well…. here it is – “Yes Way”. Please see the information below on a Fantastic Lake Home at Lot #2 Snyder Drive in Townville, SC that has just reduced in price and been verbally approved for a Single Slip Dock.

Click Here for Information and More Pictures.


If location on Lake Hartwell and Beautiful Views are important to you, then this Lake Cottage is for you. This wonderful home is move-in ready, extremely close to the shoreline and has plenty of room to invite your whole family. The existing Platform Dock should be upgradeable to any size you prefer. Bring all offers!!


For more information on this home or other Lake Homes on Lake Hartwell please check out my Website at , email , or call 864-287-7530.


by Jay Hufnagel

I’m getting a lot of inquiries about Real Estate Activity for waterfront homes on Lake Hartwell and how it stacks up to last year. As you can see below, Lake Hartwell Homes are still Selling. Homes that have sold and current activity are exceeding last years pace, but the average price per sale has dropped significantly (from approximately $391K to $324K). That’s great news for Buyers, but Sellers are being forced to give huge discounts if they want to sell. Surprisingly, there are very few Foreclosures and Short Sales on the Lake. Overall, there are 435 Active Waterfront Lake Homes on the market, which is an increase of about 36% since the first of the year. Now, is definitely the time to buy with the best Interest Rates in nearly 50 years.  


Homes Sold -                                      47


            Average Days on Market                    188

            Average Sale Price                       $324,082

            Current Active Listings                    435

            Current Homes Pending or UC            23



                                (This link expires in 30 days)


Note: This list does not include condos and townhomes (source: SC Western Upstate MLS and does not include FSBO and non Upstate MLS listings).

By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, , , 770-757-2799 .



by Jay Hufnagel

Big Reduction in Price for this Lake Hartwell Waterfront Home at 250 Harbor Heights Circle in Lavonia, Georgia.

Here it is – at only $400,000, A Beautiful Lake Hartwell Waterfront 5 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath Home with over 3 acres (3 lots) , 400 feet of Waterfront, Single Slip Dock in Place in Great Water, An Open Floor Plan with Nice Lake Views from most Rooms, Circular Driveway and Cement Path to Lake. What more could you want? Well, add a Master Bedroom and Bath Suite on the Main, Wide Plank Pine Hardwood Floors, Fireplace in the Great Room and Terrace Level, Terrace Level Bar and Entertainment Area, Screened-In Patio, and a Mother-In-Law Suite that includes its own Private Entrance, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bath, Family Room Area, and HVAC unit.  And, you’re just a minute off I-85 and the Harbor Light Marina. It’s being sold “Furnished” so - if you're looking for Lake Hartwell Real Estate, "You don’t want to miss this one"! 

Check out the VIRTUAL Tour.

MLS #20110005

Contact Jay Hufnagel,, Keller Williams Realty, , 770-757-2799 .


by Jay Hufnagel

Wow! It looks like the year is starting off pretty good for Lake Hartwell Real Estate (source: SC Western Upstate MLS). So far (as of 4-8-2010) 26 waterfront homes have sold in 2010 and 18 are currently under contract (out of 397 homes active on the market). As you can see by the link below, the majority of the activity is below $350,000 with some great deals under $200,000.  From experience and knowing what has been on the market in earlier years, some of these Lake Hartwell Homes have sold for half of what they were on the market less then 2 years ago. Click on the link below to see the actual "sold" listings.


2010 Lake Hartwell Waterfront Home Sales

Note: The above link has been updated to 6-12-2010. Currently there are over 440 Active Lake Hartwell Waterfront Homes for sale.


Lake Hartwell Waterfront lake lots haven’t had the success that homes have had. Only 2 waterfront lots have sold and 3 are under contract (out of 340 lots active on the market). Buyers are finding that they can get such a great deal on resale homes right now with great interest rates, that buying a lot doesn’t make that much sense to them, unless they’re getting a huge discount.


2010 Lake Hartwell Waterfront Lot Sales


Whether you’re buying a home or lot, “now” is a wonderful time to buy.


Note: The statistics above do not reflect For Sale by Owner (FSBO) activity or non SC Western Upstate MLS listings.


By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty Atl Prtnrs, Lake and Home Group,  , 770-757-2799.

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