I received an email from J. Cloud of the Lake Lanier Association. Along with Lake Lanier, many other Lakes (Lake Hartwell, Lake Keowee, etc.) in Georgia and South Carolina are feeling the effects of heat and lack of rain. Last week as I was showing property on Lake Hartwell I noticed several docks (with boats in their slips) that had not been pushed out and were on the verge of being dry docked and possibly damaged (especially with boat lifts). Please see J. Cloud's note below and if you own lake property, check your dock soon:


"As you may have noticed, the lake has dropped over a foot in the last two weeks. The current level is 1064.87 and the projections show a downward trend into the fall. A number of docks are in the process of being stranded and damaged as a result of declining water levels. As a courtesy, particularly to our members who don't live on the lake full-time, we want to advise everyone that the lake level has changed significantly and is expected to decline further in the next few weeks. Stay aware of your dock and boat to avoid unnecessary damage from the declining water level. The Corps of Engineers publishes a short-term forecast online which can be viewed at:


Link to lake level forecast

(Once you are on this webpage, click "ACF Lake Elevation and 5-Week Forecast" and then, click "Lanier" for the chart to display.)


Also, with Labor Day weekend approaching, we want to encourage all our members to be especially cautious around the lake and on the water. There have been several tragic situations resulting in fatalities on the lake this summer, so we encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with boating safety guidelines, watch out for other boaters, and take care when swimming."


By the way, it's still a great time to buy Real Estate on the lake.