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The Bassmaster Classic and Lake Hartwell is where it's at

by Jay Hufnagel
  All it took was a major fishing tournament, a little rain, warm weather, and things have really heated up on Lake Hartwell…Real Estate that is. My phone was ringing off the hook this morning with lake property inquiries. Hopefully that’ll be just the start. Many potential buyers have had one eye on the economy and the other on lake levels. But today things were different. You could feel a little excitement in the air. Lake home owners, fishing tournament enthusiasts, and area visitors were all out to see what was happening on the lake.
  And, the fish are biting! After showing property this morning, I dropped by Portman Marina to see where all the action is happening. ESPN2 has a huge pavilion set up to broadcast the tournament over the next few days. Charlie Hartley, from Grove City, Ohio placed first on Friday with five fish and a total weigh in of over 21 lbs. The largest fish caught yesterday weighed in at over 6 lbs. Now that’s a fish!
Check out the Bassmaster Classic website and the Anderson Independent website for the latest on the tournament. And, if you’re near the lake, don’t miss watching the boats go out tomorrow morning at 7:15AM.

Lake Hartwell 38th Bassmaster Classic, February 22-24

by Jay Hufnagel
 Don’t forget – The 38th Bassmaster Classic kicks off this Friday on Lake Hartwell. Boats will launch at Portman Marina, off South Carolina, exit 14 (I-85). This event is more than bass fishing. Many of the national qualifiers consider this the grand championship of Bass Fishing.
This year it’ll be a little more interesting with the lake down about 12 feet. Fishermen will have to be more creative on where to fish and what to use for bait. ESPN2 is suppose to provide daily coverage. You can bet, I’ll be down on my dock giving some tips to the fortunate sole that tries to catch “Bubba” that’s made his home under my ramp.
By the way, the picture in this blog isn’t a Bassmaster Champion (in his dreams). It’s my brother-in-law, Todd, with a fish he caught near our home.
By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, just Say Jay for Real Estate

2008 Lake Lanier Waterfront Home and Lot Sales

by Jay Hufnagel
Here’s some sale statistics for “dockable” waterfront Homes and Lots on Lake Lanier so far in 2008 (source: FMLS and does not include FSBO and non FMLS listed properties):
Waterfront Homes Sold (does not include Condos/Townhouses) – 5
            Average Days on the Market – 125
            Average List Price - $923,960
            Average Sale Price - $778,780
            Sale Price vs. List Price – 84.3%
                        Note: Most expensive Home sold for $1,650,000
                                   Least expensive Home sold for $169,900      
Waterfront Lots Sold – None
Please email me at if you would like to see the actual properties that were sold.
It’s very apparent that Buyers are still watching the housing market and waiting to see where the bottom is. The good news for Buyers …. lake property inventory is climbing, interest rates are low, and Sellers are starting to realize that if they want to sell then they need to be realistic on price. All we need now is three things …..some rain, rain and more rain.
Don’t forget the Lake Lanier Super Shore Sweep on April 12th. For more information, contact Vicki Barnhorst ( ) , Executive Director of The Lake Lanier Association.  I urge everyone that has interest in Lake Lanier to visit The Lake Lanier Association website as soon as possible. Here you’ll find links to various websites that are devoted to saving our lake.
By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, just "Say Jay" at 770-757-2799

Have you heard of Gold Star Referral Clubs?

by Jay Hufnagel

 Last week I was invited to 4 days of extensive training on how to maximize the power of referral relationships. Beth Davis, CEO and Founder of Gold Star Referral Clubs, invited me into their International Headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma to learn more about how building long-lasting reciprocal relationships can benefit your customers and business partners. It’s said that people interact and influence over 200 people on a regular basis. As a REALTOR, referring clients and customers to credible business sources (people that you “Know, Like and Trust”) is crucial to the future of your business.  

Gold Star Club members meet weekly for 60 minutes, make a short (60 second) presentation on their business and what a good referral would be, and then pass actual REFERRALS to other members. The Gold Star website states, “A good referral is not a TIP. The difference between a “tip” and a “referral” is that the person giving the referral has spoken to the customer about you, and the customer is expecting your call.” Gold Star members pass REFERRALS.
I’m excited about starting clubs in North Georgia and South Carolina. As you can imagine, REALTORS get asked “who do you know” for all kinds of things … like lender information, insurance contacts, inspectors, pest control, cleaning services, Doctors, Veterinarians, legal services, and a host of other providers for services and products. Individual Gold Star clubs can only have one representative from each industry, so there’s no competition between members. At one 60 minute meeting Gold Star members can accomplish more productivity for their business and customers then in a full eight hour day.
It’s all about reciprocity and edification. I was so impressed with how each member did his or her best to help the other’s business. Before I left Tulsa, Beth made an interesting comment…”If you know of someone that needs a certain product or service, why not refer them to someone you Know, Like and Trust. I’m sure they’ll be glad you did.”
By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, just "Say Jay" 770-757-2799

January Lake Hartwell Waterfront Real Estate Activity

by Jay Hufnagel
If you haven’t checked out South Carolina’s new website about buying now in the Upstate it’s worth your time. Like I said before, if you’re considering buying lake property, don’t let this market slip away. Prices may be at the bottom, interest rates are low, and home and lot inventories are setting record highs.
Here’s the last 30 days of “waterfront” activity on Lake Hartwell (source: SC Western Upstate MLS and does not include FSBO and non Upstate MLS listings):
Homes Sold (includes SF, Condos/Townhouses) – 10
            Average Days on the Market – 114
            Average List Price - $406,070
            Average Sale Price - $396,750
            Sale vs. List Price – 97.7%
                        Note: 7 of the 10 homes sold were Condo/Townhouses
Waterfront Lots Sold - 3
            Average Days on the Market – 495
            Average List Price – $228,333
            Average Sale Price - $204,333
            Sale vs. List Price – 89.5%
It’s interesting to note that with only 13 properties selling last month, that there were 170 new lake home and waterfront lot listings. When is the best time to buy lake property? I’d say now….”they’re not making any more of it”.   
By: Jay Hufnagel, 770-757-2799, just “Say Jay” for Real Estate

Displaying blog entries 1-5 of 5

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