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by Jay Hufnagel

Recently, I received a couple of emails stating that the US Army Corps of Engineers is accepting comments on reducing the water flow this winter. About three years ago, the Corps did the same thing for Lake Lanier in Georgia. Out of over 10,000 Lake Lanier home owners, only 300 – 400 sent comments. That’s sad!  Here’s an opportunity to voice your thoughts.  Please see the email messages below for contact information.



Email Dated October 20, 2009

There is a Public Comment period open until October 31st for a temporary provision to reduce the amount of water released this winter. These comments can be made via email, US mail, or fax.

 Send comments to:

 US Army Corps of Engineers

Savannah District, Savannah Planning Unit

ATTN: Mr. William Bailey

PO Box 889

Savannah, GA 31402-0889

Fax: 912 652 5787

Sample comment:  I am a member of the Lake Hartwell Association and a full time resident on the lake. I strongly urge the Corps to maintain reduced flow rates until the Upstate lakes have reached full pool levels or until there is clear evidence of adverse impacts to the basin (we have certainly experienced our share of clear and severe impacts to Lake Hartwell in recent years). The historic drought of recent years has taught us that we must take every measure to conserve the precious water resources of Hartwell Lake and the Savannah River Basin.


Email Dated October 12, 2009 

If you have not done so yet please send an email to Col. Kertis of the Corps immediately.  We need to get as many emails to him as possible before the deadline for public comment is over on October 30.  Tell him in your own words how you feel about the Corps continuing to ignore our economic and recreational losses around the lakes.  How you feel about them refusing to correct the drought plan so we don't have a repeat of the mess we had last year.  In your own words remind him how they almost lost control of the lakes completely in the last drought and Save Our Lakes Now proposal would prevent that happening in the future.  If you had a bad experience during the last drought such as being unable to use your dock, etc. you may want to throw in a comment or two about that.


The Colonel's email address is 


Please Click here for Current Lake Level Information.


By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, , 864-287-7530.

Lake Homes are Still Selling

by Jay Hufnagel



Homes on the lake are still selling, but Sellers are finding that Buyers want huge discounts. And, lake home owners are starting to get the message… if you really don’t have to sell or want to sell “real bad”, now may not be the best time to put it on the market. The days are gone (at least for a while) where overpriced homes are on the market, “just to see if someone will bite”. They’re not biting, and if they did, appraisals aren’t supporting prices that are above, hard to find, comparables. 


See for yourself! Listed below are links showing the actual waterfront homes sold and under contract since July 1, 2009.  Pay close attention to the difference from the Original List Price to the Actual Sales Price. What use to be 95 – 98%, is now 80 – 85%.  It’s definitely time to buy!

Lake Lanier (34 Homes Sold, 21 Pending or Under Contract, Avg. Sale Price $599,504)

  Buyer Full Page
       CMA Page


Note: Source is FMLS and does not include For Sale By Owners (FSBO) or non FMLS properties.

Lake Hartwell (27 Homes Sold, 8 Pending or Under Contract, Avg. Sale Price $356,922)

 Click Here to View Listings

Lake Keowee (19 Homes Sold, 13 Pending or Under Contract, Avg. Sale Price $650,936)

 Click Here to View Listings

Note: Source for Hartwell and Keowee is SC Western Upstate MLS and does not include FSBO and non Upstate MLS properties.

The time to buy lake property is now ….”They’re not making any more of it”.   


By: Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, , ,770-757-2799, just “Say Jay” for Real Estate


by Jay Hufnagel

Lake Lanier is finally full as of October 14, 2009. That’s about 5 years since it was at the 1071 mark. Who would have thought we would be looking at a full lake after seeing it last year when people were referring to it as Lanier Pond. All it took was about a foot more then average rainfall for the year and close to 6” of rain in the last 15 days.




You can’t pick up a Newspaper around here today without reading the good news. Also, the web is buzzing about how people are amazed at the speed the lake came up and the new appearance. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle has written to the US Army Corps of Engineers asking them to increase the “Full” level so more water can be stored at times when we’re in a drought. Here’s hoping and praying that we can keep this precious commodity at the level it is today….for the good of everyone.


By Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, , 770-757-2799.

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