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by Jay Hufnagel

I received the following email today from the Lake Lanier Association. This advice can also apply to Lake Hartwell and Lake Keowee. If you own Real Estate on Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell or Lake Keowee be glad we're getting the rain, but prepare to bring your dock in.



The lake has risen a foot just since last Saturday. The current level is 1062 and more rain is on the way. As a courtesy, particularly to our members who don't live on the lake full-time, we want to advise everyone that the lake level has changed significantly and is expected to increase further in the next few weeks. Stay aware of your dock cables and anchor poles and be sure they are adjusted adequately. The Corps of Engineers publishes a short-term forecast online which can be viewed at:


Link to lake level forecast

(Once you are on this webpage, click "ACF Lake Elevation and 5-Week Forecast" and then, click "Lanier" for the chart to display.)


Click here for Lake Hartwell Water Level information and projections.


Contact Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group for more information on Buying or Selling on the lake.


by Jay Hufnagel

Have we seen the Bottom for Lake Lanier Real Estate?

Lake Lanier Real Estate “Dockable” Lake Home Sales saw a big increase (about 20%) over 2010 sales. That’s another fantastic year! Buyers are still getting great bargains, but we may be seeing a leveling off and possibly the bottom for Lake Lanier Real Estate. Last year the average sale price was approximately $426,271. This year that figure has increased to $456,376.  I wonder whether that signals a turn around.  Lake home buyers all want the same thing – “a great deal” and good interest rates.  Buyers should continue getting what they want in 2012. 

Here are statistics for 2011 “Dockable” Lake Lanier Real Estate. This list does not include condos and townhouses. (Based on information from the First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) and does not include FSBO and non FMLS listings):




Homes Sold                                                               171                                                    

            Average Days on the Market                         143                  

            Original Average List Price                       $557,919            

            Average Sale Price                                      454,555            

            Sale vs. List Price                                            81.5%             


            Current Active Dockable Listings                  366                 

            Current Homes Pending (under contract)         22

If you’d like to receive an actual list of the homes that have sold or that are pending, please click on the link below or email Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, at


   Buyer Full Report
       CMA Buyer

The time to buy lake property is now ….”they’re not making any more of it”.   


By: Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners, , 770-757-2799, just “Say Jay” for Real Estate


by Jay Hufnagel

Lake Hartwell Real Estate Results Continue to Improve for 2011

Yesterday, at a Listing appointment, I was asked – “When do you think Lake Hartwell Real Estate will level off and start to improve”. As you can imagine, that’s not the first time I’ve been asked that question. Actually, current statistics point to the fact that we’re there or getting very close. Based on 2011 and current numbers, I predict 2012 will continue to stabilize, more lake homes will be sold, and confidence in buying second homes will improve. Here’s why I feel that way: 2011 Lake Hartwell Waterfront Home Sales improved 22.8% over 2010 sales, the average Sales price was almost the same as 2010 (decreasing less than 1%), and average Days on the Market increased by only 8 days (4.4%). 2012 will still bring great deals, and buyers that take advantage of low interest rates, nice inventory of homes, and a better economy, will see their goals of owning their dream lake home come true.

Here are statistics for the 2011 “waterfront” Real Estate activity on Lake Hartwell. This list does not include condos and townhomes (source: SC Western Upstate MLS and does not include FSBO and non Upstate MLS listings):




Homes Sold –                                                             141                                                               

            Average Days on the Market –                       190                

            Average List Price -                                   $355,490            

            Average Sale Price -                                    322,900            

            Sale vs. List Price –                                         90.9%             

                        Note: List Price is the last price reflected in the MLS listing

                                  and may not be the Original List price. Also, some properties

                                  may have been listed multiple times.   

            Current Active Listings -                                 304                

            Current Homes Pending (under contract) -       19


If you’d like to receive an actual list of Lake Hartwell Real Estate (Waterfront Homes sold in 2011), please click on the link below or email Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, at

Click Here to View Listings


The time to buy lake property is now ….”they’re not making any more of it”.   


By: Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group, 770-757-2799, just “Say Jay” for Real Estate


by Jay Hufnagel

I received the following email this morning from the "Save Our Lakes Now" organization. If you're a stakeholder in Lake Hartwell Real Estate or just enjoy the lake, joining this cause could make a difference.


When trying to fight city hall you often feel nothing will ever come of your efforts. This is doubly true when you are up against federal regulations, environmental concerns, claims of selfishly wanting lake level at the expense of everyone downstream, and entrenched practices of the Corps of Engineers. But we are making progress. It's been slower than we would like but the ice is melting and real progress could well be just around the corner. The Corps is even planning a near term change to the drought plan using an EA which is what we have been pleading for for several years.

A year or so back our proposals for improved drought plans were met with numerous road blocks:
1) SEPA would never permit due to contracts on power production
2) Short Nosed Sturgeon spawning grounds would be destroyed
3) Dissolved Oxygen in the harbor would be impacted
4) Many of the industrial concerns downstream would suffer severe harm
5) The lakes would not be experiencing their fair share of problems during a drought
6) The economic effects of low lake levels are insignificant
7) Wildlife and Fisheries in Athens would never permit such a change
8) Congress would never permit such changes
9) Money from the states was needed to fund a phase 2 study

One by one each has been eliminated. None of these were valid reasons to not change our drought plan. Basically we became a fact finding organization and literally met with the groups the Corps claimed were preventing them from adopting our proposals. It turns out in the final analysis that the Corps can make such changes at their discretion provided an Environmental Assessment is made.
Billboard Purchased by SOLN
It has taken many hours of sitting down with the various parties involved to get their reasoning on the table. And it has taken publicizing our plight. Several newspapers, The Austin Rhodes Show (WGAC), our blogs etc. have finally penetrated the 
protective fog that once surrounded Corps decisions. We even put up a billboard and held a protest demonstration at Thurmond Dam. In the past 3 months we have visited Jeff Duncan, and Jim DeMint and continued communication with Paul Broun for assistance from our national Congressmen and Senators and Shane Massey for help at the State Senate level. We are presently visiting the various County Councils around the Lakes of the Savannah River Basin and plans are in progress to meet with the Governors of both GA and SC.

All this takes time and money. Up till now only a few people have been responsible for the work and funding. Save Our Lakes Now is seeking a larger working base to make things happen more quickly and to make sure we never slip back into the horrible lake levels experienced in past droughts. If you can help with your time, money, or both please come join our effort. Details are available at



by Jay Hufnagel

253 OLD REED CREEK RD - This is Country Living at its Best! An Enlarged Ranch Style 3 BR/2BA Home on 1.24 Acres with an enlarged inground Swimming Pool, Fireplace, Large Master BR on Main, Family Room, Dining Room/Breakfast area, 2 Car Attached Garage, Separate Carport for Boat Storage, and a Nice Patio around Pool Area for Entertaining. You're within walking distance from Lake Hartwell and a 5 minute drive to the Lake Hartwell New Prospect Access Boat Ramp and Community/Courtesy Dock.  This Home has been totally Renovated and Upgraded.  Come see this Home now and “Have it All” for a great price.

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