I received the following email today from the Lake Lanier Association. This advice can also apply to Lake Hartwell and Lake Keowee. If you own Real Estate on Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell or Lake Keowee be glad we're getting the rain, but prepare to bring your dock in.



The lake has risen a foot just since last Saturday. The current level is 1062 and more rain is on the way. As a courtesy, particularly to our members who don't live on the lake full-time, we want to advise everyone that the lake level has changed significantly and is expected to increase further in the next few weeks. Stay aware of your dock cables and anchor poles and be sure they are adjusted adequately. The Corps of Engineers publishes a short-term forecast online which can be viewed at:


Link to lake level forecast

(Once you are on this webpage, click "ACF Lake Elevation and 5-Week Forecast" and then, click "Lanier" for the chart to display.)


Click here for Lake Hartwell Water Level information and projections.


Contact Jay Hufnagel, Keller Williams Realty, Lake and Home Group for more information on Buying or Selling on the lake.